Astrea Yacht Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Astrea is a monocoque diving cruise ship with engine and a length of 25 meters. It operates around the Galapagos Islands the whole year round.

Astrea Yacht Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Astrea is a monocoque diving cruise ship with engine and a length of 25 meters. It operates around the Galapagos Islands the whole year round.


We believe in efforts to save our planet as well as an initiative to save our oceans. We care about the planet and stand behind the “purity and innocence” represented by the animals and plant life. Sustainable diving tours and eco-tourism, are soon to exist across all of our brands. This ties into all our combined tourism efforts, while respecting the rules of the Marine Reserve Conservation and the Galapagos National Park.

Through our Naturalist and Diving Cruise, Astrea gives a unique and unforgettable experience, along with the best quality service as always, which are characterized in all of our products.


The diving platform offers space for all guests’ dive equipment, camera table, cleaning tanks with fresh water, and space for drying suits. Inside we have a lounge with air condition, TV, stereo, library, movies, table games, dinner room with air condition, a resting room with a bar and on the upper deck in the front is a sun deck.

8 double cabins with bunk beds and private bath

Each cabin offers:

  • Air conditioning
  • Shower with hot water, toilet and air condition
  • Amenities and towels
  • Windows in the cabins on maindeck and upper deck. Bull eyes in lower deck
  • Reading lamps
  • Closets
  • Smoke alarm and alarm system
  • Fire extinguisher and life vests
  • Electricity outlets with 110V
  • Additionally we offer a bath on the platform and two showers with warm water to shower off salt water after diving or swimming.



AM: Arrival to Baltra

PM: Seymour Island

Island Baltra – Island Seymour

Baltra: Arrival in Baltra Island, our guide will be waiting for welcome you to the islands! Once the group is complete, we will move to the dock, where we embark the yacht. Our crew will welcome to you. Lunch will be served and we will begin our first visit in the afternoon.

PM: Seymour Island(Dry landing).Seymour is located 30 minutes in the North from Baltra.This place is privileged for birdwatching; you will have the chance to see frigates,blue footed boobies, masked boobies, swallow-tailed gulls. Land and marine Iguanas, sea lions can be seen during the walking. We will also be able to have a beautiful view of Daphne Islet from this island.



AM: Plazas Island

PM: Santa Fe Island (snorkel)

AM: South Plazas Island (Dry landing). The tour starts with a walk through a landscape surrounded by the Cactus Opuntia, large colonies of sea lions can be found in the shores. Land iguanas are the most representative animals in South Plaza, this place is also ideal for bird watching as the “pilot bird”, it has a large tail with feathers. Also we can see Nazca Boobies and some marine iguanas.

PM: Santa Fe (Wet landing). We will disembark on a white sand beach with turquoise water, where you can see some sea lions resting. During the visit you can see land iguanas, the Conolophuspallidusis endemic specie, this can be found only on this Island, these animals have anattractive color. In Santa Fe we can also see some birds, like the Galapagos Hawk.  It is an excellent place to do snorkel, the marine life is incredible in this spot, and if you are lucky you will be able to see Rays.



AM: Santa Cruz

PM: Devil´s Crown (snorkel) &Punta Cormorant

Island Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora) – Island Floreana

AM: Santa Cruz-Puerto Ayora (Drylanding). The day begins with a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Interpretation Center FaustoLlerena where land iguanas and turtles live in captivity due to scientific programs for the conservation of the islands.

PM: Floreana – Corona del Diablo. Considered one of the best places to do snorkel, here you can observe tropical fish, sea lions, rays and sharks.

Floreana- Punta Cormorant(Wet landing). This point is located in the north of the island; the beach where we disembark has a slight greenish color, similar to the Olivine, a mineral of volcanic origin. In the course of the trail you can occasionally observe a large population of flamingos that sit around a lagoon, down the road you will observe a white sand beach thatis the nesting ground for sea turtles.



AM: Dragon Hill

PM: Sombrero Chino (snorkel)

Island Santa Cruz- Cerro Dragón – Islet Sombrero Chino

AM: Dragon Hill(Dry landing). The trail starts for a small white sand beach which is delineated by black rocks that contrasts with the color ofthe Galapagos red crab that are sitting on the stones. Inside the island is a lake, where occasionally we can observe endemic species, flamingos and other migratory birds. In this area it is possible to see several species of birds, as Darwin finches and mockingbirds.

Cerro Dragon is characterized for hosting a large population of land iguanas repatriated to their place of origin through programs of the Charles Darwin Research Station.

PM: Sombrero Chino wet landing. This island is named because of its shape, which resembles a Chinese hat when viewed from above, it is very interesting place to see different lava formations. Some young sea lions rest on the beach and occasionally penguins can be found. Sombrero Chino provides excellent conditions for snorkeling.



AM: Cowly Islet (snorkel)

PM: Albany Islet (snorkel)

Islet Cowley – Islet Albany

AM: Isla Cowley. Snorkeling will be our activity during this day, it is possible to observe white sharks, lots of reef fish, sea lions and occasionally lobsters, eels and turtles.Large manta rays and eagle rayscan be found in the eastern part of theislet.  During the ride with the rubber boat it is possible to see blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, gulls and sea lions and marine iguanas resting on the rocks.

PM: Islet Albany. Snorkeling is the main activity at this point too, especially in the Northeast it is possible to see eagle rays, schools of barracuda, sea lions, Galapagos sharks, sea turtles and lots of reef fish, including other open water species such as tuna or saws.During the ride with the rubber boat it is possible to see blue-footed and Nazca boobies, different species of gulls, marine iguanas and sea lions resting on the rocks. It is also possible to observe sea turtles raising their heads out of the water. Under the terms you may also visit CaletaBucanero.



AM: Puerto Egas

PM: Sullivan Bay

Isla Santiago – Puerto Egas – Bahía Sullivan

AM: Puerto Egas(Wet landing). It is one of the most spectacular places of theGalapagos , a black beach with common presence of sea lions and fur lions in projecting volcanic rock formations where dozens of marine iguanas rest. From the surface you can see sea turtles swimming in the turquoise water.It is a place that keeps part of the history of the Galapagos where there was human presence in the nineteenth century because of the mining of salt.

PM: Sullivan Bay Dry landing. The impressive layers of lava are the main feature of this place. Different formations of volcanic material can be observed. It is possible to snorkel with Galapagos penguins, sea stars and goldfish.



AM: Rabida Island (snorkel)

PM: Bartolome Island (snorkel)

Island Rábida – Island Bartolomé

AM: Rabida (Wet landing). This place provides a breathtaking view on the red beach where large colonies of sea lions rest. On the back of the beach we will find a lagoon, occasionally we can observe flamingos and different species of seabirds. Along the way the trail you can see blue-footed boobies and other species of seabirds. While snorkeling near the beach you can swim with sea turtles and different species of rays.

PM: Bartolomé(Dry landing). A hike to the top of the island will take place where you can see the big and famous gable, the famous Pinnacle Rock, admiring the creation and evolution of the islands. On the beach you can snorkel with Galapagos penguins, sea turtles, several species of rays and tropical fish. If time permits you, you can do a ride with the rubber boat at sunset.


Day 8 Tuesday

AM: Mosquera Islet – Baltra

Islet Mosquera – Baltra

AM: Mosquera (Wet landing). This small island is an attractive place consists of subsea lifting plates; a thick layer of white sand is the resting place of colonies of juvenile sea lions playing in the banks. You can also see gulls and migratory birds.

AM: Baltra The guide will accompany you to the airport for your return flight to the Mainland.



  • 2 to 4 immersions per day (Diving as per the itinerary)
  • Double accommodation
  • Transfers from and to the airport within the Galapagos Islands
  • Pre-breakfast (only in diving cruises)
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
  • Soft drinks (coffee, tea, purified water, juices)
  • Technical equipment: tanks, weights, weight belt.
  • Diving Master 8/1 (8 divers for each Dive Master)


  • Flights to the Galapagos Islands
  • Galapagos entrance fee (USD 100)
  • Transit Card (USD 10)
  • Nitrox (USD 120 / per week)
  • Personal equipment:  Suite, boots, fins, personal regulator, mask, BCD (Buoyancy control device/jacket).
  • Dive light
  • Camera
  •  Alcoholic beverages and bottled drinks
  •  Laptop or computer
  • Tips
  •  Personal expenses

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