Coral I Y Coral II Galapagos Islands Ecuador

The Coral I and Coral II are sister yachts cruising the same itineraries in the Galapagos Islands.

Coral I Y Coral II Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Coral I is a 36-passenger, modern, first-class mega yacht with 18 double exterior cabins, and the Coral II is an elegant, classic and charming motor yacht for 20 passengers. Guests booked aboard a Corals Galapagos cruise may be placed on either yacht for a stellar cruising experience. Both yachts underwent a 2012 dry dock refurbishment giving them renovated furnishings, decor and energy-saving features.

Common Areas Aboard Coral I & Coral II

Coral I and Coral II provide the perfect combination of classic beauty and exquisite style. The materials used in their decoration convey a pleasing sensation of warmth and comfort that transports you to the marine environment of the Galapagos. You will be a part of nature thanks to ample panoramic windows. The jacuzzi, sun and shadow decks give you a perfect space to relax, and the social areas and the bar are places to convene and make new friends.

The main lounges are comfortable areas, with well-stocked bars for drinks, cozy sofas, TV/DVD and stereo. The ample dining rooms serve an attractive and varied buffet service for every meal.  



Alternative Itinerary

The Coral I and Coral II each operate the same four Galapagos cruise itineraries (two 4-day/3-night cruises and two 5 day/4 night cruises). When combined consecutively these cruises equal a 15-day/14-night Galapagos cruise with no repeated landing sites. The shorter itineraries can also be combined in various ways to create longer 8-, 11-, 12- or 15-day cruises. Click on the links below for more information on the Coral yachts' four different itineraries.


Coral I & Coral II - Eastern Galapagos Islands 4 day/3 night

Day 1 - SUN - Baltra to Breeding Center & Darwin Station (Santa Cruz)

Day 2 - MON - Mosquera Islet & North Seymour Island

Day 3 - TUE - Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Islet

Day 4 - WED - Interpretation Center & Tijeretas (San Cristobal)


Coral I & Coral II - Western Galapagos Islands 5 day/4 night

Day 1 - WED - Baltra to Ballena Bay (Santa Cruz) & Eden Islet

Day 2 - THU - Vicente Roca Point (Isabela) & Espinosa Point (Fernandina Island)

Day 3 - FRI - Urbina Bay (Isabela) & Tagus Cove (Isabela Island)

Day 4 - SAT - Salt Mines Egas Port (Santiago Island) & Sullivan Bay (Santiago)

Day 5 - SUN - El Chato (Santa Cruz) to Baltra


Coral I & Coral II -  Central Galapagos Islands 4 day/3 night

Day 1 - SUN - Baltra to Breeding Center & Darwin Station (Santa Cruz)

Day 2 - MON - Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) & Bartolome Island

Day 3 - TUE - Rabida Island & Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz))

Day 4 - WED - Black Turtle Cove to Baltra


Coral I & Coral II - Southern Galapagos Islands 5 day/4 night

Day 1 - WED - San Cristobal & Cerro Colorado Tortoise Reserve

Day 2 - THU - Cerro Brujo, Pitt Point (San Cristobal)

Day 3 - FRI - Suarez Point & Gardner Bay (Esplanola)

Day 4 - SAT - Devil’s Crown, Cormorant Point & Post Office Bay (Floreana))

Day 5 - SUN - El Chato (Santa Cruz) to Baltra

Ask for the detailes of each one!


Double accommodation in cabins with air conditioning, private facilities, meals scheduled on board, welcome and farewell cocktails, water, 24-hour tea/coffee station, two daily visits to Galapagos Islands with multilingual (English/Spanish) naturalist guide, snorkeling (gear included) and kayaking opportunities, briefings/lectures and activities on board, baggage handling, transfers and dinghy rides to/from ports when air tickets purchased in conjunction with cruise ($90 fee for transfers if not).


International airfare; airfare from mainland Ecuador; shuttle service to/from Quito/Guayaquil airports ($20); Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee (US $100 per adult, $50 for children under 12 years old. This can be paid directly by passengers [cash only] or it is included in our INCLUSIVE PACKAGE TOURS); Galapagos National Institute Migration Control Card (US $20 per person); departure tax; gratuities for guides, crew, drivers or local staff; alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages; other personal expenses; medical services or insurance of any kind. 2016 cruise fuel surcharge is an additional $90 (4-5 day), $180 (8-12 day) or $360 (15 day) per person. 2017 cruise fuel surcharge is an additional $50 (4-5 day), $100 (8- day) per person.

Wet suit rental available for US $25 per person for 4-5 day cruises, $50 for 8-12-day cruises and $75 for longer 15-day cruises. Kayak rental $30 per person. Scuba diving is $326 pp for a half day tour with 1-2 immersions and equipment included. Internet access available for $32 for 10 minutes. Contact AdventureSmith for more details. Specific exclusions apply during holiday season.

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